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It seems you can find self storage facilities almost everywhere you look these days. The self storage business is based on the fact people have more possessions than places to put them, thus they pay a monthly fee to store their stuff in a safe, secure, affordable place. Finding a storage facility to rent from is fast and easy, especially since you found Previously, you would have to go to the phone book and search through thousands of ads but now you can simply go online and rent a storage unit. Several things should be considered before moving your belongings into a storage unit though.

  • Being prepared and organized is important to ensure the safety of your belongings when storing.
  • Ask the storage facility manager if you have questions about anything from the contract to packing boxes.
  • Store frequently accessed items at the front of your storage unit so you don't have to move items in order to get to them.
  • Cover your items with a light blanket. Do not use plastic as it can retain moisture.
  • Don't pack food.
  • Don't store anything combustible or flammable.
  • Make sure you pack your boxes light enough to carry and always place the heaviest boxes on the ground and the lighter boxes on top.
  • Be sure to label each of the boxes so you know what each one contains and you can tell the fragile boxes from your books.
  • You may need to place plastic down on the ground before storing your items or you may have to put blankets over your TVs and appliances to prevent scratching.
  • When packing your storage unit, be sure to leave a walkway in your storage unit so you can access items in the front as well as the rear of the unit.
  • Another important factor is security. Each facility will have different features and levels of security so you must decide what is important to you. Most facilities have an on-site manager which lives at the unit.
  • Other features include security cameras, gated facilities, 24hr surveillance and coded gates.
  • You will also have to purchase your own lock for your storage unit. Most facilities will have locks available to purchase or you can buy one at a department store such as Target.
  • The storage unit you rent should already be cleaned and swept but be prepared to do some last minute sweeping if your unit is not up to your standards. Many facilities will clean the storage units before you store your stuff but you may also have some responsibility. The unit was probably in use by another person or business before you arrived so be sure to make sure all of the other belongings are out before storing yours.

These simple self storage tips should have you better prepared before you rent your storage unit. Any additional questions should be directed to the storage manager on duty at the facility.