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There are thousands of self storage facilities around the United States and depending where you live you may have a few dozen within 5 miles of you. You notice self storage facilities on the road while you are driving but don't pay much attention to them until you actually need a storage unit. So what is self storage and why would you need it?

In its most simple form, self storage is space rented to tenants where they can store and access their belongings. Self storage is typically rented on a month to month basis. If you really think about the concept, it is quite odd. You are taking your personal possessions, driving them to a building and storing them in an empty space instead of keeping them in your home. Why would you do such a thing?

There are many reasons people decide to use self storage but the biggest reason is probably convenience. College students and military personnel rent cheap storage units so they can store their belongings safely for several months when they head out for training or go home for the summer. Rather than taking all of their stuff with them they put their possessions in a storage unit so they can easily access their items when they return. Another popular reason for using storage is moving. If you have to downsize your home in this economy but don't want to throw away your items, storage is a great option. Taking a new job, getting divorced or married and even just having too much stuff are other popular reasons storage is becoming a booming industry.

There are several things you need to consider before renting storage. You should research the storage facility and view the amenities, security, availability, prices, location and insurance requirements. You will also need to purchase a lock for the storage unit. provides you with all of the information to answer the questions of cost, location, amenities, security, and availability, even providing pictures of the facility. You may need to ask the storage facility manager about insurance but we cover the rest for you!

Renting storage online has never been easier or more convenient. Check prices, location, availability and compare storage units from the comfort of your own home without picking up the phone. is the fastest way to rent cheap storage online!

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