4 Tips for Finding Storage in St. Louis

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Beautiful picture of the Old Courthouse, framed by the Arch.

Every postcard ever sent from St. Louis.

St. Louis is an interesting place to live. I should know. I’ve lived here my whole life. We’re just… different, and in an extremely boring, predictable way.

And I mean that in the best possible way. I know where everyone went to high school (me: Parkway North). I know which interstate everyone takes to work (me: 270). I know what everyone thinks of Mike Shannon (my thought: annoyingly charming).

It also means that there are a few things to remember when looking for storage in the StL.

Climate control might be worthwhile

Having four true seasons has benefits, but it does lead to some difficult choices when it comes to storage. If you’re planning on storing electronics or important documents, it might be worth the additional cost to get a climate controlled unit. On the other hand, if you’re just storing a couch, some chairs, and an old kitchen table, it is probably a feature you can do without. One rule of thumb is to think about whether you would want to leave the stuff in your garage. Storage lockers are often better than most people’s garages at keeping out the elements, but they’re no different when it comes to temperature. If you wouldn’t want to keep your belongings in your garage, you might want a climate controlled unit.

We’ve got a little bit of everything

Want a big name facility? Got ‘em. Want a hometown-based facility? Got ‘em. Looking for climate control, business storage, or a place to keep your boat during the winter? St. Louis has storage for everything. Basically, befitting our locating in the middle of the country, we’ve got it all. And, it’s located everywhere you want to be. From Chesterfield to Hazelwood to Fenton to Belleville, there’s no reason to drive more than a few minutes to access your stuff. On that note…

Things are not always where you expect them to be

We St. Louisians have a penchant for naming things in weird ways. For instance, West Florissant Road is actually to the east of Florissant Road. Creve Coeur Park is not in Creve Coeur. Interstate 270 runs east-west, then north-south, then east-west again. Olive Street is downtown, takes a five mile break, then picks up again.

In other words, if you’re new to town, it will help you to know which municipality or neighborhood that you’re near. Remember, too, that there’s almost always a back way to help you avoid traffic.

Not sure? Just ask the question… you know you want to…

If you’re still not sure where your storage facility is located relative to you, just ask the question… you know the one… give in… not sure where the unit is located? What high school is it near? It’s on Lindbergh, but you’re not sure where? If you live near Mehlville and you accidentally book a unit near MICDS or Pattonville, you’ve got a long drive ahead of you. Nothing lost by asking.

The Wrap

So, that’s a little introduction to storing things in St. Louis. Take these four items into account and you should land the perfect storage unit in the Gateway City.

What did I miss? Let me know in the comments below!

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