How to Properly Store Baby Clothes

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More often than not, baby clothes are still in relatively good conditions after you’re done with them. By preserving the clothes, you can save money or help others who may require them later on. However, you can’t simply toss them in a box and stick it in your garage. You must ensure that you store the baby clothes properly so they don’t damage and stay fresh, or else the effort to keep them would be worthless.

Organize the Baby Clothes

Go through each item and decide which pieces are worth keeping. Don’t be a hoarder! Carefully select among the pile, and don’t be afraid to discard anything you aren’t 100% satisfied with. You can always donate the ones you don’t keep.

Dealing With Damages and Stains

If a piece is damaged or stained, make sure you repair it or remove the stains. In fact, you should wash or get all the baby clothing professionally cleaned before storage, just to be safe. Just make sure everything is completely dry. You don’t want any mildew or mold developing.

How and Where to Store Baby Clothes

Find a cool, dry area to keep the clothing. You can use large sealable plastic bags to keep them in. This is convenient because you can use a permanent marker to label them. You should place the bags in hard plastic bins that you can also seal so no moisture or debris get in.

However, this tip isn’t suitable if you plan on keeping the clothes in areas such as your attic, basement, or garage; since they are susceptible to extreme temperatures and humidity. Contrary to popular belief, keeping your baby clothes in sealed plastic bags will prevent air from circulating and lead to mold. If you must store your baby clothes in the attic or basement, skip the plastic bags and fold them neatly in plastic bins.

Long-Term Storage

Remove any metal buttons and accessories to wrap separately in acid-free tissue paper. Metal tends to rust and may start to stain the fabric if you leave it unattended for many years. You can also wrap the baby clothes individually with tissue paper to prevent wrinkles and keep them looking new.

You don’t need specialized vacuum sealers or professional bags to store your baby clothes. Just take the cautionary steps to keep them dry and undisturbed, and you’ll be able to use them again years from now.

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