Seasonal Storage

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A lot of the items that you allow to take up space in your home are often things that you only need and use for a very limited period of time during the year, during one season or the other. From clothes and tools to decorations and recreational equipment, letting these items stay in your house is likely to keep you from having a tidy and properly organized home. Depending on your particular situation, seasonal storage might be the best choice for you. Too little space at home, insufficient closet space and too many items to keep are some of the reasons why seasonal storage may be your most efficient and cost-effective solution.

During summer and spring, using self-storage would be a great option to store your winter and cold weather items. Clothes should be the first thing you pack up, with the entire family’s stock of heavy jackets, snow pants, scarves, hats and boots going into a bin labeled with their owner’s name. Alternatively, you could simply group similar items of clothing accordingly and label the box as such.

After clothes, winter recreational items like skis, sleds, winter hunting gear, skates or a snowmobile should be next. You’ll want to get your winter tools packed up along with them too, your snow blower and snow shovel would definitely be seeing much less action in the coming months. Your rake and other fall gardening tools could also be added to free up space in your garage.

Finally, you’ll be putting all of your decorations for the fall and winter seasons into their own boxes. Holidays like Christmas, Halloween, Hanukkah, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day are bound to come well outside of spring and summer. For convenience, costumes and decorations should be arranged by the specific holiday they’re meant for.

Fall and winter storage

As the days begin o grow shorter and the leaves begin to turn shades of brown, yellow and orange, you will have to switch out the items in your seasonal storage. Retrieve your winter items and replace them with the spring and summer specific items in your home, starting with clothing. Shorts, swimsuits, tank tops and sun dresses can all be packed up. Recreational items and gear should go next, with motorcycles, bicycles, scuba-diving equipment and canoes going in their places. Children’s items like beach toys, pool accessories and strollers should also go in at this stage. You must ensure that their placement is secure and will ensure their safety until you need them next though.

Summer and spring-specific tools like hoses, hedgers, lawn mowers, hoses and other gardening tools should also be packed away, after you decide those you’ll need during the fall months. Outdoor furniture for the patio and lawn should also go in, along with decorations that you need only for spring and summer holidays such as Fourth of July and Easter.

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