Spring Cleaning!

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What’s the best part about cleaning? What is it that makes people tick when the word cleaning comes to mind? Cleaning is something which penetrates far beyond that which just meets the eye. It is a complete overhaul which leaves a place or object spotless. Why do you feel that exhilaration from standing in a clean place or from cleaning? The mind associates cleanliness with purity and flawlessness which automatically sets a great mood. With all this in mind, here are a few tips to ensure you get the most out of your spring cleaning.

The checklist

First off comes the magical tool namely, the divine checklist. You need direction and a firm hand from going off track or overlooking things; a checklist is the way to it. Do not hesitate in spending some time coming up with an exhaustive checklist. It should list tasks area wise; e.g. foyer, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and so on; tasks separated for each region of the house. I repeat, do not hesitate to spend some time on this; be as specific as you can. E.g. instead of writing ‘clean the windows’; write ‘use glass cleaner and stain remover on windows’ and so on.

Tips you can do with

Speaking of the weather; a cloudy day will be better in comparison to sunny because windows dry up naturally without leaving streaks when not exposed to the sun.

Your primary focus should be regarding regions which are mostly travelled. It doesn’t make sense to apply the same effort to your barely used attic and the always occupied bedroom. Therefore prioritize; a simple brush up for unused areas and a diligent attitude for others is the best way to go.


Simply vacuum cleaning them isn’t enough. As mentioned above, cleanliness goes far beyond. Additionally, if you want to hold on to your new carpet’s warranty; a professional treatment is required once a year or twice three years. Deep cleaning is best left to the professionals; you can purchase a professional model as well though if the numbers of carpets necessitate it.

Employing technology

Speaking specifically in terms of spring cleaning; you can purchase the O2 Hurricane air duster. Not only does it exclude the need for a carton or crate of canned air but also do you get 25 shots in one battery’s life. The air discharged is breathable and the only downside is the one time purchase (read: investment) of around $80. Apart from that you can use robotic vacuum cleaners, wire clutter minimizers and the likes for an overall improvement.


Spring cleaning can be fun and doesn’t have to be a chore. Instead of thinking about the work to be done, picture all the tasks as ways you are making your house cleaner and more enjoyable for you to live in. On an ending note, don’t rush into cleaning. Clear up clutter before starting. View everything in the context of the big picture and you’ll get yourself through the whole process without even noticing it.

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