How to Clean Out the Kitchen Pantry

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There is no doubt that well organized pantry can improve shopping and cooking efficiency which in turn leads to faster meal preparation and lower grocery bills. Taking advantage of these benefits will avert the kitchen pantry from being a dead zone due to items tucked away from view. It is on this note that some tips for quick cleaning will be discussed.

The first thing to do when cleaning the kitchen pantry is to empty the closets because it is difficult to see what one is working with until the complete removal of everything in the pantry since small containers and packages of spices tends to fall over and pushed to the back but this will be uncovered including hidden gems through the process. When doing this, one need to pull out everything using trash bags and boxes to sort and redistribute the items. Unused kitchen items that have not been used for the past few months should be donated to the appropriate place. Kill the clutter and tackle the kitchen cabinet one after the other if the kitchen if the work is burdensome. Clean the counters and work in one direction, check the open boxes in case of bugs, don’t forget to wipe empty shelves and reline it where necessary, empty drawers, clean it and replace items appropriately and the under-sink which seems to be the hardest should be done last.

Once everything is out of your pantry, take inventory of your supplies and decide what to and what not to keep. If it is necessary to keep unused goods, then go ahead and use it at the appropriate time. Categorize the items to be in a manner similar to a grocery store which should be done by grouping canned goods on one shelf and condiments on another or creating a breakfast center where necessary. Keeping the pantry organized in this manner will make it easier to identify the items you need when heading to the store or making a meal.

Restock the pantry with the newly categorized supplies by making sure there is thorough cleaning of the space, the shelf and other surfaces with a warm damp towel.

Lastly, organize the bins, airtight containers, shelf dividers and under-shelf baskets so as to help keep things fresh and in their proper places because it is easy to make clean but difficult to maintain the cleanliness.

When these tips are embraced, there is no doubt that the problem of how to clean the pantry will be a thing of the past.

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