How To Safely Store Your Guitar

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While most guitar owners will be mindful of their guitars when they are using it, some are not aware on how the guitar is stored. The way you store your guitar especially for prolonged periods plays a critical role in its life span, quality of sound and maintenance costs. The most important principle when it comes to the storing of your guitar is to think of it as your body and thus not submit it to conditions and situations you would not submit your body to. Here are a few guidelines on how to store your guitars;

  1. Humidity and temperature. You need to consider the temperature and humidity of the environment in which you store your guitar. Changes in humidity and temperature result in warping of your guitar especially the neck and other critical parts. It is also important that you store your guitar away from direct sunlight since this causes the glue used in parts of your guitar to soften and weaken the joints of the guitar. Even in a room ensure sunlight does not get to the guitar. The recommended moisture range is from 44% to 55% while the temperature range is from 65 – 75˚F. Guitars made out of solid wood are more susceptible to temperature and weather changes and thus will require the use of a humidifier to prevent cracks and any other damage.
  1. Never store your guitars while the strings are in tension. Loosen the strings by half to a whole step. This ensures the strings do not cause undue tension to the neck making it curve or warp.
  1. Keep your guitar out of the way. You are not always going to be around and even if you are having your guitar on the way or in a storage section with other items will expose it to accidents like falling items or being bumped over. This can cause peelings, cracks and damage to joints and hooks.
  1. You have to be cautious of pests and dust since they can damage your instrument.
  1. Use conventional methods of storage for your guitar. These include stands, hooks, cases and gig bags. Hard cases are the best option though expensive and may not work well in case you have a number of guitars or you want to display the guitar; something stands and hooks can provide.
  1. Finally, do not leave your guitar under the hood of your car or out at night even if it is in a hard case. Such extreme conditions will have an immediate negative effect to your guitar.

If you want to prolong the lifespan of your precious guitar you cannot go wrong with the above guidelines.

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