How to Clean Out the Basement

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There are ways you can clean out the basement and you can even make it a room for you and your family to spend time together. Most people tend to make their basement a storage room filled with things that are no longer needed and some things that might still be useful like boxes, kitchen appliances, furniture, toys, shopping bags, etc

In cleaning out the basement, you start by moving everything in the basement outside and then put together your cleaning and dusting materials. If you have any dustcovers, remove them from the stored items, shake them outside and then transfer to the washing machine. Dust the light bulbs in the basement and remove cobwebs from every area of the room.

Afterwards, make a cleaning solution, mix ammonia in a large bucket of warm water and also put in some washing liquid. Dip a sponge in the solution and clean every wall in the room starting from the bottom. Also make sure every wall in the room is completely clean.

If there are windows in the basement, make a cleaning solution by adding clear ammonia, dish washing liquid and a pint of rubbing alcohol. Then use a nylon sponge already dipped in the solution to wash the windows thoroughly.

Then you move to sweeping and cleaning of the floor, you can do the sweeping of the floor using a vacuum. Use the vacuum to sweep every area of the room and when sweeping, make long directional movement, from the corners of the room to the center and into the dust bin.

After removing all the dirt from the floor, you then mop the floors and you can also do this by hand washing which is better if you want the floor to be sparklingly clean. If you are hand washing, make sure to use a damp cloth to clean all the edges of the room and every other part of the basement floor moving in a circular motion.

Now it’s time to purge out the things you no longer need from the useful ones. After doing that, you can get rid of these junk items this time for good while the useful items may be kept to be used in the basement to beautify and make it more comfortable using the old furniture and some appliances or you could relocate it or better still give it out/donate it to people that really need them. These are very good ways to clean out your basement.

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