Do It Yourself: Moving

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Planning on moving soon but you need to be frugal?  Do it Yourself!  There are a few things you need to know before you “pack it all in”.

When packing, now would be a good time to “clean house”.  Discard anything you don’t find that you need or don’t wear anymore or doesn’t fit, whether too big or small, and I’m not just talking in the wardrobe area.  Maybe the furniture is too worn or too big for your room size at the next place.  This will help “unload” what you can take with you and need to pack.  Don’t forget garage sales and donating are good places to drop any  “unwanted” items. 

Get some supplies such as boxes, tape and bubble wrap.  Your local grocery store can always help with the boxes.  This will save you some cash with free boxes wherever you can find them.  Wardrobe boxes come in quite handy if your move is really far or out of state.

Now that you cleaned out some stuff the real fun begins.    See how much you can afford to rent that truck for.   Don’t forget, it’s not just the daily rent but also the gas and mileage you need to allow for.   In addition rent a dolly, maybe a hand truck and some rope to tie stuff up with as these will keep your items safe and  prevent any accidents and breakage on the truck and the dolly is great for the heavy items!

Don’t load too many heavy items in one box.  Golden rule for that as you don’t want to hurt yourself or anyone else for that matter.  “Pad wrap” your furniture.  Blankets come in handy for this to prevent scratches and you can get them from the truck rental place or ask around if anyone will let you borrow them.

If you can find some help get some.  Friends and family are always willing to help especially if food and drinks are involved.  Use one of these individuals to be on the truck to help decide where to place the items inside.  When renting a truck, remember there are peaks seasons in the relocation industry too.  So plan on your dates wisely.

When packing the truck try to prevent any dead space in the truck to prevent any shifting during the trip.   Always put the heavy items on the bottom, such as couches and furniture and the lighter items on top.

Handling your own move allows you to move at your convenience in most cases.  Doing it yourself will require some hard work, but it is defiantly cheaper than hiring professional movers.

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