Summer Storage for College Students

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When summers are ahead every college student around is studying for finals, selling their books and packing up their dorms and apartments. And when summer finally rolls around, the last thing college students want to do is drag their entire dorm room contents all the way home and try to squeeze their stuff into their parents’ home. College students are dull for their weird ability to gain vast amounts of stuff in their doom rooms and apartments. When they move back to their parent’s home for the summer, or graduate into a new home, some of the belongings they have collected may not fit or be welcome. That is why every college student, should consider self-storage as a way to make sure the safe storage of their student’s stuff.

That’s why self-storage is such a popular solution this time of year. The earlier the college students can book their unit, the better, storage will go smoothly if they know how to prepare and what to expect.

To help college students remain systematized during the summer, here is a quick look at some summer storage tips for students.

Choose a Quality Facility – The first step of finding a better storage unit is to find a quality facility. When looking for a student storage unit, it is important to seek out a facility that offers great pricing and sufficient security. Try to find out about any student discounts or specials deals or packages available. By doing research, one can find a safe storage facility that meets all of the student’s needs.

Consider the Size of the Unit – The size of the self-storage unit is another very important feature to consider when finding summer storage. College student’s storage facility should offer plenty of space to fit all of his or her stuffs. If the student is hanging on to any pieces of furniture or other huge items, it may be a good idea to rent a storage unit that offers a capacious floorplan and high ceilings.

Organize Before You Move – Once the college students have secured the right storage unit for their needs, it is important to help organize all of his or her belonging. Be sure to clearly label every box with a detailed list of all of the contents. In addition, you may want to consider color coding each box with bright tape. By getting organized, the student will be ensured and will have an easy time unpacking in the fall.

A few tips that can make the moving storage process a little easier for college students:

  • Pack your books in smaller boxes, such as those designed to hold piles of paper. You don’t want to hurt yourself lifting a large box packed with too many books.
  • If you’re not sure about what size storage unit to choose, stack all of your boxes and other items up against a wall at home. Do it as the way you plan to arrange them in the unit, and use a measuring tape to approximate the dimensions of the space you’ve filled. Create this pile close to the door, since everything will be leaving the room soon.
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