Are You a Hoarder or Just Sentimental?

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one super messy desk in a messy libraryIt’s a fine line, let’s be honest: It’s a fine, but definite, line.

You know when you’ve walked into the house of a hoarder. You see all the stuff everywhere and you think to yourself, “Thank God I don’t live like this. I mean, I like to save stuff, sure, but, I’m definitely not this bad…. Then again, this woman probably doesn’t even know how bad she is… In fact, it probably all started with a simple collection of small items that she loved and then BAM: Hoarder… Oh no… is this my future???” 

I mean… we all go through this, right? I’m not alone here? Good.

Well, rest assured, my friends, because in light of this terrifying inward spiral that we all end up traveling down at some point in our lives, I’ve created this flow chart to help determine whether you’re a hoarder or simply a sentimental person who likes tangible memories. Consider it my way of helping us all from becoming our worst nightmare: the woman who was dead for three weeks before anyone found her behind the boxes of old Publisher’s Weekly magazines.

You’re welcome.

Are you a hoarder or just sentimental? Follow this flow chart to find out!


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