How Urgent Is Your Need For A Storage Solution?

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hoarder by Tara R., on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic License   by  Tara R. 

Sure, we all consider a storage unit when we’re moving, but there are more subtle indications that self-storage could solve the problems of your everyday life. Take this quiz and discover whether you show some of the underlying signs that you may need a storage unit. Give yourself one point for each “a” answer and zero points for each “b”. Add your points at the end. No cheating!

1. Do you still have a ton of shit (i.e. boxes of comics and a drum set) in your parents’ basement?

a) Shut up! They have way too much space for just the two of them!

b) No way. That’s messed up.


2. Do you avoid having people over because your house looks like an episode of Hoarders?

a)    I think Stuffocation is a more accurate comparison.

b)   Definitely not. That show gives me the heebie-jeebies.


3. Do you create elaborate mazes for your household pets out of boxes and stacks of old records?

a)    How else is little Siggy going to strengthen his spatial learning and memory?

b)   Tell me who answered a) so I can be sure to avoid them.


4. Do you ever wake up in a cold sweat because, wait! doesn’t your parents’ basement flood in the springtime and isn’t there a really valuable Superman comic in one of those boxes?

a)    Damn it! I’m on my way!

b)   I don’t think I want to take your creepy quiz anymore.


5. Do you spend your precious free time worry about and/or experimenting with creative ways to protect that sweet paint job on your classic car?

a)    Only all the live-long day.

b)   I’m actually more worried about my student loans.


Okay, take a deep breath and tally those answers. Ready for the verdict? If you scored a big, fat zero…congratulations! You can keep on living the dream. But that’s not really how it went, is it? If you scored ANYTHING above zero (that’s right: 1, 2, 3, 4, or, God help you, 5)…it’s time to say the Serenity prayer and find yourself a storage solution now. Right now. Go!

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