Get Your RV Ready for Spring

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It’s the time of year when many people will be running to their self storage facilities to retrieve their RV’s, firing them up and hitting the open road. In order to be fully prepared for the trip, RV owners have a few items to scratch off their checklist. To be sure they are ready, we’ve done some research and present several tips to make the process easier. Read on for the tips:

  • Replace and refill all of the fluids – oil, gas, transmission, steering etc
  • Replace all of the filters
  • Inspect the hoses and belts
  • Inspect and inflate the tires
  • Test the lights
  • Flush all of the water lines
  • Test the operation of all appliances
  • Test the smoke alarm
  • Test the propane and CO2 detector
  • Air out the awning
  • Fill the propane tank
  • Turn the fridge on
  • Take the RV off the jacks or cement blocks
  • Wash the RV
  • Buckle up and drive

These helpful RV tips should give you a good head start before you begin the road trip. Should you need a place for RV storage once you arrive at your destination or when you return, be sure to visit We list several thousand self storage facilities around the country and many of them have capable RV storage.

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