Pack Up Your Seasonal Clothes

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With the winter months behind and the warmth of the sun beating down it is time to get out your shorts and tank tops and pack up your parkas and snow boots. If you are an organized person you probably already have a plan of attack in switching out your winter clothes for your summer stuff. These quick easy steps will have you dancing in your sprinkler faster than you can say “shovel”.

Have a Checklist

The easiest way to begin is to have a checklist of winter items you will put into your self storage unit. Things like coats, boots, shovels and snow blowers will not be needed in the summer so they can be packed into your unit. Having a checklist handy will prevent you from making several needless trips to the storage facility.

You should also have a list of items which you want to bring home from the storage facility. Summer items like lawn mowers, clothes, sprinklers and rakes can all come home.

Pack Efficiently

Make sure you pack your winter items efficiently so you know what is in which box and can find it quickly when the weather turns sour again. Moving your snowmobile, snow blower and shovels to the back of your storage unit is probably a good idea since you won’t need access to them for a few months.

Keep Items In Sight

Once you find time to move your winter clothes into your storage unit and get your summer items out of the unit you should already have your plan of attack and all of your items ready to go. Keep all of your winter stuff close to the door or packed as neat as possible in your basement or garage. If you can load up your car/truck and move all of your belongings in one day it will be much easier and faster. Staying organized will have you exchanging seasonal items in a flash.

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