Use Self Storage to Get Organized

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Most people tend to use self storage units to keep their lives organized and keep their homes/apartments/condos more clutter free. It can be frustrating when you are unable to find something you need only to dig through boxes, drawers and closets full of your other stuff to find what you needed an hour later. Being organized is more about time and life management rather than space and clutter management.

Being organized effects all aspects of our lives and although a storage unit can provide you with a quick way to declutter your living space, it can surely do more. Imagine reducing the amount of time you waste searching and re-sorting all of your belongings and being less stressed prior to long trips because you can find everything you need at a moment’s notice. Not only will you be happier and cleaner, you will be making your life easier as well.

Here are a few of our suggestions on when to use self storage to get organized:

  • Cleaning the Garage – Most of the time a garage is used for stuff you can’t fit in the house like paint cans, spare wood, ladders and extra chairs. You probably also have some sports equipment, seasonal tools such as lawnmowers, blowers, shovels and boots. You may even have a spare couch, light bulbs or old TV’s and computers. If you have any spare room after that you may even have a car in your garage. Instead of piling all of your stuff into the garage, consider a self storage unit to keep you better organized.
  • Cleaning your Closets – In your closets you probably have seasonal clothes, boots, shoes, hats, more clothes and other stuff you haven’t worn in years. In the hall closets you may have brooms, mops, buckets, blankets, pillows, towels and even candles. There is never enough space where you seem to need it so everything gets tossed in the closet. Put clothes and shoes in boxes and take them to a storage facility so you have more room in the closet for new stuff!
  • Cleaning your basement/attic – Similar to your garage, these areas can be a catchall for boxes, clothes, old toys, computers, furniture, decorations and antiques. Instead of moving things from the attic to the basement and vice versa, put them in boxes and store them at a storage facility until you need them.
  • Preparing for a move – Not only is your house a cluttered mess but now you want to move. You will probably have to stage your home to get it ready to show for buyers. Packing up most of your belongings and stuffing them into corners of your home simply wont work. Pack up your stuff and move it into a storage facility until you sell your home and then move what you need into your new home. The stuff you don’t need can simply stay in your storage unit to keep your new place clutter free.

Have anything to add? Let us know in the comments.

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