Using Self Storage for Home Staging

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Most Americans have clutter in their homes and tend to hoard (at least a little) useless items around the house. Some people have entire rooms or even houses filled with pointless junk. With the way many homebuyers are these days, the hoarding of belongings can be a detriment to selling your home. Utilizing a self storage unit can create a more welcoming, open space in your home and lead to a faster sale.

You may think renting a self storage unit in order to sell your home seems farfetched and pointless but think about it. Buyers want to see an uncluttered, open home so they can picture how their belongings will fit in the space. This is how the home buying/selling market is these days. Determine what items you can live with and what possessions you can live without for the time being. When you are cleaning up, you may even find some of your stuff can either be thrown away or given to Goodwill. Once you’ve determined what can stay and what should be removed, evaluate how much extra room you have.

Chances are you are still going to need to move some items to the basement or attic. It isn’t a good idea to try and cram all of your extra stuff into closets, cabinets or corners of the basement as this will appear cluttered to buyers who may think there isn’t enough storage space in the home. If you still have too much stuff, it is wise to rent a storage unit for a few months. The cost to rent a storage unit is minimal and the amount of possessions you can store will de-clutter your home and give it an open feel. This way you wont have to get rid of everything you own either.

The great thing about storage units are they are cheap, month to month commitments, safe and secure. Do your research on and find the best storage facility fit for you. You can search by price, distance, amenity or storage size, get a quote or even rent right online! These self storage home staging tips should give you a good start in selling your home. Remember, has all of your self storage needs. Coast to coast we have you covered!

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