Store Belongings When You Go Overseas

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Using self storage to keep your belongings safe and secure is never a bad idea but one time when it makes great sense is when you are relocating overseas. Whether you are moving overseas for a few months for your job or doing your part in protecting our freedom while serving this country, self storage is a viable option.

Below are some reasons to store your possessions instead of inconveniencing a friend, family member or neighbor:

  • No personal debts – Aside from the monthly payments you will owe to the storage facility you wont have any personal debts to family members or friends. Chances are, your friends or family members don’t have much room to store your extra stuff in their home for extended periods of time and if they did you might feel indebted to them for holding your possessions.
  • Ease back in – Coming back and knowing your belongings are safe, secure and in the same place you left them gives you peace of mind. Not only will it be easier to move your stuff back into your place but you wont be nearly as stressed out either.
  • Unsure return date – There is probably a good chance you are unsure of your return date back to the States and scheduling movers while overseas will be a huge hassle. With your possessions in a storage unit, you pay the monthly rent and can take care of everything else once you return.
  • Safe and secure – A self storage facility is about as safe a spot you can put your belongings while you are away. They have storage managers on duty at all times, are gated with security cameras and have access codes to get in. The storage facilities are most likely safer than your home when you are gone.
  • Apartment lease is up – If you’re going overseas and live in an apartment, there’s a good chance your lease could expire prior to your return. If this is the case, a self storage unit is a great place to store your stuff. It will be cheaper than keeping your apartment and more secure. lists thousands of self storage facilities around the country and are always available to assist you in finding the perfect self storage unit for you.

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