Storage Insurance is Important

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Storage insurance is an item which gets overlooked by renters when they bring their personal possessions to the storage facility. Many people feel, due to the fact their belongings are under lock and key in a secure warehouse they are 100% safe. People can take many precautions such as secure gates, security cameras, outdoor lights and an on duty manager but they don’t think about insurance coverage. Renters need to begin looking at storage insurance more seriously.

Self storage managers may tend to not mention storage insurance to potential renters if they don’t ask or seem concerned about it. A simple fact is storage insurance is a benefit to both the storage owner and the consumer as both are covered in the case of potential damages. Offering insurance to renters can improve a storage facilities reputation and thus increase business. With the increase media coverage of storage unit fires or property theft, consumers are searching for storage facilities which offer insurance. A strict contract won’t keep personal possessions from getting damaged or stolen. Insurance gives the renter peace of mind knowing the value of their belongings will be safe at all times.

Storage insurance can usually be purchased through the self storage facility and if not, the homeowners/renters insurance will be able to cover a person’s belongings. Renters should be sure to ask their insurance providers if there is an added fee for insuring an item which is not kept at home. Some insurance companies charge a bit extra for insuring items which are kept in places other than your home. Regardless, storage insurance is a no brainer for storage owners and consumers themselves.

The peace of mind a renter will have knowing their items are safe and secure in a storage unit while still retaining 100% value in case of potential damage is priceless. Storage owners can also increase their business and better their reputation by providing insurance for renters. Consumer serenity and larger self storage profits – a win/win situation.

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