Common Instrument Storage: Equipment

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There are many reasons why people choose to storage their instruments in a self storage unit. Some people don’t use their instruments any longer, some have too many and don’t use them all, some got them as gifts and will “get to them in the future” and others may have had them passed down. This is the last part in a series of tips for the most commonly stored instruments.

Keep in mind, instruments need to be properly prepped and cared for prior to being placed in a self storage unit. Long term storage can cause damage to an instrument if it is not properly cared for. Temperature and humidity can also have adverse effects on instruments which is why we highly recommend storing instruments in a climate controlled storage unit. In saying this we continue on….

Our previous sections for common instrument storage can be found beginning here. This week we focus on musical equipment. Things like amplifiers, mixers, sound boards and speakers may need to be stored as well. Dust and clean the equipment prior to storage. Cover the instruments with a sheet to help reduce dust and dirt. We recommend not using a plastic sheet or tarp as these can trap any moisture and ruin equipment. The equipment should also be stored on either a shelf or pallet to reduce the risk of damage when opening the storage unit door or kicking the items on the ground. Items such as CD’s, DVD’s and flash drives should be stored in boxes up on a shelf as well. It is best if you place them in their original cases if possible. lists thousands of storage facilities nationwide. Use our easy search function to find Austin climate controlled storage or a Chicago climate controlled storage unit.

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