How To Store Musical Instruments

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Musical instruments are not only valuable but they hold sentimental value to people as well. For musicians and novices alike, it is best to keep your instruments at home in a safe place, especially if they are used often. If there is a need to keep instruments in a safe place which is not at home, be sure to take all of the necessary precautions to avoid damaging them. Below are some tips on how to store instruments in a self storage unit.

  • Prior to storing the instruments, clean and condition them first. Relax the strings and place tissue paper over any openings to prevent dust buildup.
  • Keep the instruments in their proper cases. This will prevent dirt and dust build up while also minimizing scratches or other potential damage from transport. Larger instruments without cases should at least be covered with sheets.
  • Keep the instruments off the floor and away from the storage unit door to minimize potential damage. The instruments should be kept on a shelf or pallet in the storage unit even if it has a case as the case may not be able to withstand the pressure of something else on top of it.
  • The only way to store musical instruments is in a climate controlled storage unit. A climate controlled unit will keep a constant temperature and not allow humidity into the unit which could potentially cause damage to the instruments.
  • This should be obvious, but after storing the instruments, even if for a short period of time, be sure to clean and tune the instrument.

These tips on how to store musical instruments will keep your instruments in pristine condition. A self storage unit is a safe, secure and affordable way to be sure the instruments are kept in the same condition as you left them. Remember, whether it is Austin climate controlled storage or Detroit RV storage, will have what youre looking for.

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