A Boaters Best Lifeguard is Himself

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Boating and swimming are like peanut butter and jelly…they go together perfectly. Unlike a pool or beach where lifeguards are watching, no one is watching on the open water. Below are some swimming tips for boaters:

  • Be sure to turn the engine off. Remove the keys from the ignition but leave them in plain sight so they aren’t lost.
  • Stray electric current from poorly maintained boat electrical and shore power systems can seriously injure or kill swimmers in marinas. Several instances happened this year in Missouri and at least 2 children were tragically killed.
  • Deploy a boarding ladder and ease into water to confirm water depth. Do not dive head first into the water prior to confirming the depth of the water. Diving into sand or mud will leave a person bruised and muddy but diving into rocks or other obstructions in the water could cause serious injury.
  • Do not swim alone. Swimming solo in the middle of a lake leaves you helpless if a problem arises.
  • It is a good idea to have a lifejacket, seat cushion or life raft nearby or even tied to the boat so swimmers can easily reach it while in the water.
  • Do not swim under a boat’s swim platform or near any boat while the engine is running. Swimming into the running gear could be fatal as well as inhaling carbon monoxide. It is also a good idea to steer clear of generator exhaust ports.
  • Do not swim in navigation channels or marinas because other boats may not see you. It is also a good idea not to swim in rivers with strong tidal currents as they could sweep a person away from the boat.

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