Safely Fuel the Boat

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The summer is coming to a close and there may not be much time to get your boat back on the water. If you do find the time, remember to be careful, especially when fueling up.

Anyone who’s ever filled up their boat knows it can be a hassle. A boat has a larger fuel tank than a car, the gas nozzles pump gas at a typically faster rate and the fumes are particularly volatile. The U.S. Coast Guard notes that most fires and explosions on boats happen during or immediately after fueling so extra precaution is necessary.

A cautious approach when filling up a boat can diminish the risk of fires and keep everyone safe. Follow these safety tips to avoid accidents when fueling a boat:

  1. If filling portable fuel tanks, take them out of the boat and fill them onshore in order to stop dangerous fumes from building up around the boat.
  2. To avoid sudden spills, be sure the boat is level when fueling.
  3. This is obvious but be sure cigarettes/cigars are out, turn off the engines and turn off anything electrical including radios, stoves and any other appliances. Static electricity can create a spark which could lead to a fire.
  4. Keep an eye on the fuel nozzle at all times and do not rely on automatic shut offs. Do not fill the tank to the top either as fuel will expand as it warms.
  5. Maintain nozzle contact with the pipe if you have a metal fuel tank in order to prevent static build up. Remove any excess gas or spillage so there isn’t any gas in or on the boat.
  6. Prior to starting the engine, run the blower for a few minutes and make sure there isn’t any gas odor.

These fueling tips should have you better prepared when fueling the boat. Should you need any storage for your boat, is the place to search. Whether it is for Austin boat storage or San Diego boat storage, will have what you’re looking for.

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