Boat Storage

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When people think of self storage most think of a 10×10 room you put your extra couch, bed, chair or clothes. Although storage units are mainly used to store your extra household possessions they can also be used to store some of your more prized possessions while keeping them safe and secure.

Examples of these high end items could be a classic car or a boat. Owning a boat is pure enjoyment for anyone who loves the water and is a symbol of freedom and fun whether you use if for sailing, fishing or water skiing.  What do boat owners do when the weather turns sour or when they aren’t using the boat though? Where does the boat get parked? There are several options to store a boat such as the marina, your backyard or even a self storage unit.

Many boat owners choose to dock their boat at the marina due to convenience but the price typically reflects that as well. Docking a boat in your yard is not very practical but is inexpensive. The most ideal place to dock your boat when it is not in use is a self storage unit. A storage facility offers an affordable, safe and secure place to dock your boat. Although it may not be as convenient as docking at the marina, boat storage is more affordable.

Unless you use your boat several times per week, leaving your boat docked in the water for extended periods of time can harm it. The longevity of the paint and boat itself becomes compromised leading to expensive repairs. Storing your boat out of the water will help maximize the life of the boat. Many storage facilities will offer indoor or outdoor storage for your boat. Outdoor storage will be more affordable but your boat may be exposed to the elements while it will not be exposed inside. The storage facilities will most likely have outdoor lighting, gated access, 24 hour surveillance and video cameras for additional protection.

Having a boat is a dream come true for most but people must also take care of their boat in order to keep it in great shape for years to come. Dock the boat in a self storage unit during non-peak seasons and you will have comfort, peace of mind and affordability for your boat when its not on the water.

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