Preserve your Art with Self Storage

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For some, art hanging on a wall doesn’t elicit much of a response. In fact, many people simply go to discount and department stores to get art to hang in their home. For others, art awakens the senses and is an expression of character and emotion. These hardcore art collectors pay thousands of dollars for each piece of art and proudly display pieces in their homes. Art conservation is essential to keeping the pieces valuable and in pristine condition so what happens when these hardcore collectors move? What should they do with their art while in between moves?

For a minimal cost relative to the value of your art collection the art should be preserved and damage prevented. Many art conservators are trained to identify and prevent impeding harm to the art with routine maintenance and inspections. Preserving art is similar to preserving a fine wine collection. In saying that, here are a few simple steps to take to protect your art.

  • Maintain a constant temperature – A constant temperature will keep your art from buckling, losing adhesives and chemical changes which could distort colors.
  • Keep humidity low – High humidity can cause damage to the art and a buildup of moisture will also corrode metal and allow mold and bacteria to flourish.
  • Limit light exposure – The more light exposure your artwork receives, the higher likelihood the pigments and dyes of the art will begin to fade.
  • Organize your collection – Keep track of which pieces you place where so it is easy to retrieve when you need them later.

These tips should help preserve the pristine condition of valued art. The best place to keep art in between moves is in a climate controlled storage facility. Climate controlled storage offers limited exposure to light and a constant temperature with constant humidity. lists thousands of storage units across the country so the chances there is a climate controlled storage unit near you are extremely high. Find a storage facility and give them a call to keep your art safe and secure.

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One thought on “Preserve your Art with Self Storage

  1. Art lovers are a happy lot after knowing that their hard work will not go waste anymore. Preserving art hanging helps recollect old memories. Storing art in storage units requires that you opt for climate controlled units. It is also important that you choose units having security and easy accessibility.

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