How to Properly Store Antiques

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More and more people are beginning to antique as the popularity of TV shows brings the masses out of the woodwork to attempt to make some extra cash. Despite the growing popularity of antiquing many people don’t really understand how much there is to it and how much work goes into it. Most people will want to display as much of their collection as possible but may not have the space in their home to do so. What options are available for people with large collections but little room to show them off? One affordable and convenient option is self storage.

Antique collectors have to be extremely careful when storing their antiques because most possessions are fragile. In order to avoid a heartbreaking and frustrating experience of having your antiques broken you should follow a few simple steps.

  • Rent a Climate Controlled Storage Unit – A climate controlled unit will help keep your antiques at a constant temperature which will decrease the chance of mold, mildew, bacteria and warping on any of your items.
  • Move Yourself – You wouldn’t want a mover or storage manager moving your antiques into your storage unit for you only to break something on the way in. To be sure your antiques are safe it is best to move the items yourself.
  • Treat Wood Antiques – Be sure to treat any wood tables, chairs and other valuables with a wood protectant to ensure it isn’t warped when you return to pick it up.
  • Wrap Antiques in Towels – Wrap all of your items in towels to ensure there isn’t any dust buildup. Wrapping your antiques in newspaper or plastic could harm them. Plastic will trap any moisture already in the storage unit and newspaper will have the ink run off onto your antiques.
  • Cover Furniture – Cover your furniture to prevent dust build up. A simple blanket will do here.
  • Don’t Fold Blankets/Quilts – Folding blankets and quilts will cause unnecessary stress to them and will cause them to crease. Lay all of the blankets and quilts flat on the ground.
  • Get Insurance and a Good Lock – It is a good idea to get insurance for your storage unit and a good lock to protect all of your antiques. You can secure insurance through your insurance provider or through the self storage facility itself. A lock can be bought at the storage facility as well or at any department store.

These simple steps should aid you in ensuring your heirlooms and antiques remain in the same pristine condition you had them in prior to storing them.

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